Founder Story

Back in 2015, Liran Kotzer and Ami Dudu created Woo as an alternative solution to the outdated recruiting services available.

After founding a successful recruiting agency in 2007 (later acquired by Matrix), they understood that one of the biggest problems in recruiting is that agencies and companies lose touch with 80% of their candidate database after 2 months, unable to re-engage with them.

Ultimately they end up stuck in a cycle of chasing new candidates and losing them making it challenging to source interview-ready candidates.

Woo was designed as a solution to this problem. Liran and Ami’s focus was to build an automated sourcer using machine learning technology.

Today companies and agencies are able to use the Automated Sourcer within their own databases to bring idle candidates back to life and gain an easier channel to reach interview-ready candidates.

Our Automated Sourcer

Creating the Automated Sourcer took 3 years. It started with a team of 20 recruiters who worked manually while the tech team studied them and built the machine learning driven Automated Sourcer.

The machine learning algorithms are heavily based on data that is gathered over time. Today the recruiters now work at configuring the Automated Sourcer.

The Woo Team

Our team is made up of a bunch of data scientists, developers, recruiters, marketers, photographers, pilates lovers, skippers, trekkers, and pub quizzers who love working together to create the smartest Automated Sourcer.

The Woo Team so far

  • 5 Dogs

  • 7 Babies

  • 8 Nationalities

  • 6 Weddings

  • 4 Bakers

  • 3 Photographers

  • 1 Skipper

The Woo Team so far

  • 5 Dogs

  • 7 Babies