Fuel Growth by Leveraging Your Former Clients

Use Woo's AI Career Tracker™ to constantly track your former clients' career moves and re-engage with them at the right time.

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How It Works

Woo's AI Career Tracker™ technology constantly updates your contacts' career changes and provides ongoing signals for your team to re-engage them at the right time.

Constantly Track Your Previous Clients' Career Moves

With Woo's AI-powered Career Tracker technology, you can continuously monitor job switches, promotions, relocations, and more. Our predictive analytics provide insights into when individuals are likely to consider new opportunities, ensuring you engage at the most impactful times.

Get All the Data Automatically Updated Within Your CRM

Woo seamlessly integrates with your existing CRM, automatically updating it with real-time career progress of your network. This ensures that your records are always up-to-date, allowing you to leverage this fresh data right from your existing CRM environment.

Never Miss a Warm Outreach, Even When Navigating External websites Sources

Our external sites Profile Tracker feature notifies you whenever you review a profile of a client from your network on platforms like LinkedIn. This ensures you are always aware of profiles from your existing network, making your outreach warm and effective rather than cold.

Integration with Popular Systems

Woo integrates seamlessly with Bullhorn, Greenhouse, Lever, Salesforce, and HubSpot, ensuring that your existing systems are enhanced with real-time, up-to-date data.

The Impact of Leveraging Your Former Clients

Convert 3X More

Former clients convert 3X higher than new prospects.

Sell 2X Faster

Time to sell is 2X faster with former clients.


70% of your former clients have moved to new companies.

“By using Woo, we've revolutionized our CRM search, finding fresh, relevant candidates. Now, 80-85% of our placements come from our own CRM, showcasing the value of our community!"

Shayne Simpson - Technet IT, Group Managing Director

"Woo has transformed our ATS into our primary candidate source. Recruiters shifted from spending 80% of their time on job boards to 60% in our ATS using Woo. It's been an amazing product for our team."

Amanda Dobson - Employment Enterprises, VP Recruiting

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"Before using Woo, we struggled to efficiently reach out to our candidate database. Woo's ability to update resumes and skills has been invaluable. This tool is now essential to our operations' effectiveness and efficiency."

Cody Michalowski - Clutch Group, Managing Director

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"Woo is my go-to tool for accessing warm candidates in our database. It's also a great addition when searching on LinkedIn, showing if someone is registered in our system. Woo has been invaluable for our recruitment process!"

Fiona Macleod - Harvey Nash, Account Manager

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Make your recruitment process more effective by leveraging your past candidates.

Constantly track your past candidates' career moves using Woo's AI-powered Career Tracker technology and re-engage with them at the right time.

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