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Ongoing Profile Updates
Woo works behind the scenes to gather information and continuously inject fresh updates into your candidate and business contact records.
Get alerted on new Warm Leads
Get alerted whenever a Hiring Manager you work with moves to a new company and is actively hiring for similar roles.
Fresh CVs
Track contacts
Warmer leads
Approx. 60% of the candidates you'll place are already in your ATS: make sure you aren't double-spending on job boards!

Woo integrates directly into your ATS

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Find candidates likely to engage:

Candidates who have experienced hiring processes with your team are more likely to entertain your offers, as long as the offer is relevant to their current status.
Instead of (expensive) cold outreach on job boards, find relevant candidates effectively through the search your consultants are used to.

Tired of spending budget on "new" leads from job boards?

Your candidates will be continuously tracked through our millions of data points, essentially creating their fresh CV in your database every single day. New skills, roles, location, contact details will all be available for your recruiters to make the most of your existing contacts.

2024 is about spending less on job boards and winning new business

Give your recruiters and BizDev team the experience in your ATS they're used to in their job boards:
-Updated profiles across the board
-Formatted data that's quick to analyze and effective to search
-Intuitive outreach & cadences straight from inside your platform.

Don't lose your happy client to a new agency.

Create automated outreach so that when a business contact switches companies, Woo's updates in the background will spark a message to salvage the existing client & to make sure the happy client takes your business to the new company.

Hear what you can achieve straight from industry leaders:

Get a look at how agencies are growing their clientele & making placements from their ATS by booking a demo:

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