The inability to effectively utilize an existing database and continuously update relevant candidate information is a problem that plagues almost every staffing and recruiting agency. But today, thanks to the HR tech of Woo, agencies around the world can automatically maintain a relationship with their candidates and source interview-ready candidates for open positions from their past database.

Attempting to reach out to old candidates has been a manual, tiring process, usually in the form of cheap labor. It’s never been scalable—and it’s not very effective. Candidates are adjusting to a changing job search process and prefer a digital solution over having the same conversation with a consultant time and time again to update their profiles.

Shawn Stein, vice president of Growth at Woo, believes, “The growth and potential of Woo is endless. To me, Woo is an example of new technology that perfectly fits the changing needs of both the candidate and the agency. In an industry slow to adopt new technology, early adopters of Woo’s HR tech will come out on top.”

With 65% of candidates updating their resume and job expectations every six months (once they engage with the technology), it establishes a way for passive candidates to remain in the market.  The HR technology actively works to keep past talent engaged and, in turn, they always stay open to new opportunities. It’s always been a challenge for employees to remain open to new opportunities in the market since they can’t remain discreet. With Woo, the environment is closed, employers cannot search for talent, and the candidate is approached first, so they never have to worry about being exposed.

By utilizing Woo’s technology, agencies can double their overall number of interview-ready candidates. In fact, 57% of sourced candidates will move from an initial screening to the interview process. This is achieved by the smart technology matching only relevant candidates by matching hundreds of data points. And, as a GDPR-compliant company, Woo guarantees a safe and secure environment for both clients and employers, keeping your data secure and private.

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