From unrealistic client expectations to outdated candidate information, staffing agencies face a number of challenges. Until now, there has been little that can be done about these challenges. However, with the introduction of the Woo Automated Sourcer, many of these problems can now be easily resolved.

Unrealistic Expectations from Clients

Many staffing agencies will put countless hours into finding a great candidate for a client, only to have the client turn them down because they weren’t “perfect.” Approximately three quarters (72.8%) of employers are struggling to find relevant candidates. Sure, it’d be great to find a “perfect” candidate for every open role, but the reality is, that’s impossible. Many companies will miss out on excellent potential recruits because they didn’t check every single box.

In fact, 52% of small businesses reported scarcity or lack of qualified applicants for their open positions as their biggest challenge. However, when a staffing agency is smart, they will come to the table with some flexibility, arming themselves with information about the current skills gap so their expectations are more realistic.

As a staffing agency, it’s important to have a heart-to-heart with clients to make sure their wish list is doable. When you use the Woo Automated Sourcer, you can double the overall number of interview-ready candidates all from your own database. These candidates are guaranteed to match the role and are interested in the position.

Outdated Candidate Information

When a candidate applies for a job, but doesn’t get hired, his or her information will often get lost in a sea of other candidates who also didn’t get the job. With about 20,000 staffing and recruiting companies in the U.S. working with 17 million temporary and contract employees, that number is much bigger than it should (or could) be. After months—or even years—of sitting in a database, the candidate information will often become outdated.

Whether a client is looking for something different or has already found another position, it’s important for staffing agencies to have the most current information. Fortunately, 72% of staffing firms expect to increase their investment in technology in the near future, which would help cut this issue down dramatically.

This technology includes the Woo Automated Sourcer, which can improve the efficiency of your hiring process by keeping all candidates engaged, with 57% of candidates sourced moving from initial screening to interview.

Passive Candidates

Unfortunately, 86% of the candidates who are most qualified candidates for an open position are already employed and not actively seeking a new job. While many candidates start out their job search motivated and excited about the available opportunities, after a few rejections, they often become passive. Because of this, they may lack interest when they’re sent a great role, no matter how perfect it seems.

In order for candidates to be seriously considered for a role, it’s helpful that they be active and engaged in the opportunity. Fortunately, Woos Auto Sourcer brings passive candidates to life and keeps profiles updated. In fact, 65 percent of candidates will update their resume and job expectations every six months.

Thanks to the latest Woo technology, it’s easier for your team to engage interview-ready candidates already in your database. To see how the Woos Automated Sourcer can help your company boost its recruiting performance, request a demo today..

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