There are a lot of new technologies being developed for the recruiting space.  The recruiting industry has remained largely unchanged for many years, and while some parts shouldn’t be tampered with – there are other areas that technology can make massively more efficient.

When developing Woo, we considered what are the main inefficiencies and how can we automate them, here are the 3 biggest challenges we aimed to solve.

1. Reengaging past candidates at Scale – It’s no secret that most staffing and recruiting agencies fail to keep candidates engaged for more than two months, and it’s costly. The constant need to acquire new candidates for current roles is the bane of any CFO’s existence. “Why can’t we just offer new jobs to old candidates?” We hear them bemoan.

Then offshore teams are hired to cold call past candidates, or mass emails are sent to cover the database, and we all know how well that works. Apart from not being scalable it’s just not effective.

So, how did Woo solve this one?  Well, by sending the candidates very relevant opportunities specifically matched for them (we will look at that next), we engage with the candidates in a way that benefits them. Woo also limit the interaction and avoid the lengthy “what are you looking for” chat by automating a process that lets the candidate tell us what they want to see.

As of today, over 65% of candidates are updating their profiles every six months with Woo, allowing us to constantly match them with relevant opportunities.

2. REAL Auto Matching - not just keyword based or title matching, but really looking at a candidate data to understand if they can do the job.

By using different types of algorithms and machine learning to map hundreds if not thousands of data points and deeply learn the candidate, combined with predictive behavior expectations, we build a very detailed profile. That can then be matched to a job not only suited to their abilities but also their expectations and requirements.

Our algorithm keeps learning the behaviors of both the candidate and recruiter to improve on the matching.

3. Client Service (Candidate and Agency experience) – By thinking of both the candidate and company as clients, we needed to provide an experience that tailors to both. On the candidate side we dealt with two main issues.

1. Great Matching – the last thing candidates want to see, are pointless irrelevant jobs and time wasting, annoying questions, that they have to repeat time and time again.

2. A convenient non-intrusive approach – The power is in the hands of the candidate to work with us to determine exactly what they want out of the technology. If they interact more often, we will match their enthusiasm, if they want a break, the technology automatically recognizes that and back off.

By taking care of the candidate, we take care of the agency, because now we can deliver a candidate that has not only been matched very accurately to the job requirements, but also is within salary range, location, company size and type, AND have shown interest in the company.  

Leaving the consultant to do what they do best and introduce the match made in heaven, and that no technology can touch.

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