1. Profitability

Recruiting agencies are built on margins and let’s face it, often thin margins. This is a competitive tough business where profitability is always being looked at. Better ROI for short term investments and healthier margins from operational improvements along with lower acquisition costs and more efficient use of past candidate data - The staples of many meeting room discussions in recruiting.  

One of the most universally agreed upon staple is the idleness of the 2 month+ candidate. Those that have been acquired and without any immediate engagement or success move to the dead heap of past candidates, they are factored in as part of acquisition costs but it’s like throwing away the bad apples to fester on the pile of rotten fruit.

OK, enough with the over dramatization.

Until recently it’s been a losing game trying to reengage thousands if not hundreds of thousands of candidates accumulated over the years, it was never going to be economically scalable by doing it manually. Woo developed a technology to combat exactly that – automatically reach out to, engage with, and create relationships that brings a candidate database back to life, and keeps it alive.

2. NPS

That pesky net Promoter Score. Give a customer or candidate for that matter, a great experience and you will be rewarded 1 out of 10 times, a bad experience on the other hand and you’ll hear about it 9 out of 10 times.  A candidate doesn’t judge an agency on just whether they secured them a job or not. In fact, I’ll argue that a good experience from a recruiting agency who paid attention, is more memorable than getting the job. If the candidate feels an agency gets their needs, their wants and matches them with the right jobs they will not forget you.

Woo uses predictive timing and very smart matching to know when and who to reach out to with the job that’s suited for them. The specifics matter and there is nothing more frustrating than let’s just match them to something that’s “close enough” and we’ll see...

3. Consultant Performance

Faster (time to market) and Better (coverage) - timing to submit candidates matters it's probably the biggest factor in not losing a candidate to another opportunity. when it comes to brick and mortar business it's all about location location location - in recruiting it's all about timing timing timing. The right opportunity at the right time for the right candidate.

To build a recruiting business it’s a numbers game, and with so much investment made per placement, you want to cover as many of your bases as possible. Job coverage is crucial. In the manual world as with everything else, the number of jobs a recruiter can cover is limited. It’s inefficient to think in these terms though these days. With automation that can do most of the work that took much of a recruiter’s time in the past, coverage is multiplied. The only way to “engage” with thousands of candidates for multiple jobs is by using technology.

An automated sourcer sure would come in handy…  

Drive a higher return from your candidate database

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