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Powerful AI-Powered technology for analyzing your candidates

We use AI technology to deeply analyze your candidates and generate thousands of data points on each of them. The information we generate allows you to smartly search and access the right candidates by using deep criteria instead of keywords.
As part of your deep criteria, you will be able to search for candidates by defining things such as skill + years of experience, industry sectors, career path, academic background, etc.

Improve ROI of your sourcing channels

Using Woo smart search will allow you to get the most of your candidates by maintaining a long term relationship with them and re-engaging them every time you have something relevant for them.
1. Easy Access to relevant candidates - We will analyze your candidates and create thousands of professional data points on each of your candidates
2. Profile refresh - For old candidates, we will try to bring the most recent experience by partnering with many data complaint 3rd parties with access to new career information. As a result, you will be able to track many candidates' career progress and access them when there is something relevant for them.

Seamless integration - stay where you are

Using Woo’s Smart Search doesn’t require you to use another system - just use it straight from your ATS software. We integrate Smart Search directly into your ATS interface so you can use it without changing the way your team operates.

Boost your recruiting performance

Reduce screening time


Spare 70% of your recruiters' time spent on pre-screening and matching candidates so they can stay focused on other tasks.

Utilize your candidate database


Turn your database into your major source of candidates, track candidate’s career progress and use Smart Search to easily access the most relevant one.

Improve your sourcing channels efficiency


Boost your sourcing channels by maintaining long-term relationships with your candidates and re-engage them quickly every time you have something relevant for them.

How it works

Every candidate that applies is analyzed instantly.

OId candidates’ profiles are being updated constantly.

Use Deep Criteria to find the right candidates right from your ATS.

Drive a higher return from your candidate database

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