Companies using Woo


Engage and utilize both your old and new candidates

Screen every candidate from the moment they apply and match them with relevant job openings. Maintain long-term relationships by keeping track of their career progress and record changes in their preferences to efficiently re-engage them.

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Powerful matching technology

It takes a powerful AI technology, like the Automated Recruiter, to handle thousands of parameters to find the right match that both meets your job requirements and manages to respect the candidate’s requirements without bias.

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Integration that’s easy and seamless

You can rest assured that the virtual sourcer adapts to your ATS seamlessly. This fully white labeled solution fits right into your team effortlessly.

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Security to keep your mind at peace

Keeping your data secure and private is as important to us as it is to you.
To minimize risk Woo incorporates the latest security safeguards to comply with new laws and regulations.

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Boost Your  Recruiting Performance

Utilize your candidate database


Double your overall number of interview-ready candidates by constantly matching them to your current and future jobs.

Reduce Op. Costs


Spare 40% of your recruiters' time spent on pre-screening and matching candidates so they can stay focus on other tasks.

Boost your performance


Woo automated sources will handle every candidate no matter if it's the weekend, middle of the night or during lunch.

How it works

1. Every candidate that applies is screened instantly

2. Candidates are constantly matched to relevant positions

3. Old candidates are re-engaged by receiving relevant opportunities that meet their skills and interests

4. Recruiters are notified when they have qualified candidates